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Loren’s Badass Chick: Innovation Awards Winner Cathy McGrath

This week’s Badass Chick is Cathy McGrath, creator of A Little Easier Recovery which makes fashionable, feminine jackets for women (and cool, sports-inspired ones for men!) recovering from breast cancer. At age 40, Cathy was diagnosed with breast cancer. A working mother now facing a new challenge, she stopped working and focused on taking care of herself and her children. After her third surgery, she woke up with a bunch of drains and asked the nurse how to best store these while functioning in her daily life. The nurse told her that most women go to Home Depot and get a tool belt. (?!?!?!) Well, Cathy was having none of that. She thought, what would Princess Diana or Jackie O do? They wouldn’t wear a tool belt!So, she made her own solution and thus A Little Easier Recovery was born…and, her new career venture (she’s a self-proclaimed “patient-praneur”). Cathy designed a jacket (“The Jacki”) that houses post-surgical drains to help restore independence and dignity to those fighting cancer. Since its inception only a few years ago, Cathy has distributed over 14,000 jackets to hospitals which provide them to patients free of charge at 76 hospitals in 20 states. Also, A Little Easier Recovery is part of a study at Dana Farber which could potentially help them secure a grant in the future and help even more patients. Over the years, Cathy has received media coverage here and there, and A Little EasierRecovery was just highlighted on Beyonce’s web site. Cathy hopes that all of the press will attract even more investors and sponsors so that she can improve the lives of even more women (and men), since their funds are donation-based! I love the fact that Cathy saw a problem and made it her mission to fix it and make life easier for others. Cathy is truly a Badass Chick! Check out the Jacki: jacki-inside-pockets-black   To read the article on 103.3 fm AMP Radio, please click here.
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