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SBANE Member Diamond Business Credit Funds Another One

Diamond Business Credit Funds Another One!


When this designer, manufacturer and installer of specialty fill products needed a line of credit to fund its highly seasonal business, the choice was clear – Diamond Business Credit. After considering a traditional factoring relationship that would have meant intrusive and uncertain contacts with the Company’s top-tier account debtors, the CFO approached Diamond and asked for a customized asset-based lending relationship that would allow the Company to meet its in-season obligations without significantly altering its day-to-day procedures.  Presto!  Diamond evaluated the situation and did exactly that.  The result was a custom tailored agreement that protected Diamond’s collateral interests while allowing the Company significant control over which, and how, selected accounts would be financed.  And all at rates competitive with or cheaper than factoring proposals the Company had in hand.  As we have been saying for years – experience counts! Local ownership.  Streamlined decision-making.  Creative and customized financing solutions when needed.  That’s not rocket science – it’s Diamond!! Diamond specializes in tough, small deals including start-ups and reorganizations in or out of bankruptcy. Do you know of a small business that needs a line of credit?  ...........Diamond can help! (Asset-Based Financing for "non-bankable" companies $25,000 to $500,000)
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