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SBANE Member King & Bishop's Brendan King On FOX 25

175,000 jobs added last month, unemployment rate at 6.7%


Brendan King, of King & Bishop, joins FOX 25 for an analysis of February's national unemployment rate. During the past month 170,000 jobs have been created due to a strong demand for products and services, available capital, "reasonable prices", and a better global economy. A steady acceleration of job growth is impressive when considering the brutal winter the US has been facing, and once the Spring season rolls around, the number is expected to increase further.

There has been a rise in unemployment (6.7% unemployment), but economist believe it is a good sign. King explains that people who have lost their jobs have started going back into the job market, seeing how the job market has been improving, which would then increase the number of unemployment. In Massachusetts unemployment has gone down from 7.1% in December/January to 6.8% in February.

King was asked about if the situation in Ukraine could affect the US economy. King stated, "If Russians put pressure on the energy supply it could affect Europe, you could have a European backtracking, or a slight fallback in a recession." As Europe is a major trading partner with the US and Boston area, there may be an impact, but it would not have a serious impact on hiring.

Watch the full video here: Brendan King on FOX 25

About King & Bishop

King & Bishop is a leading professional talent acquisition and human resources firm located just outside of Boston, MA. King & Bishop is also a highly-regarded temporary staffing firm in the New England region while providing search services on a regional and national level. Founded in 1983, our team of professionals is well-known for providing the best in human resources consulting and career transition programs. For more information visit www.kingbishop.com.

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