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SBANE Partner MPAY Announces New Integration with PayEntry.com

Waltham, Mass. – November 20, 2009 – MPAY Inc. is proud to announce an agreement with MyPaperLessOffice©, an online HRIMS provider, to offer a new integration between payentry.com™ and MyPaperLessOffice©. The bi-directional integration will allow employers using the MyPaperLessOffice© HRIMS system the ability to pass human resources data such as new hire information, demographic changes, pay history, and accruals to MPAY’s payentry.com™. “Although this isn’t the first time we’ve integrated with payentry.com™, this is the first of several such offerings that allow other vendors to take advantage of our web services architecture, thus giving our licensees more options and products to help grow their businesses.” – Joe Berenbaum, VP of Client Services at MPAY Inc.

“We are excited to work with MPAY Inc. to provide companies a way to stay competitive in their markets by being able to offer a one-entry recruit-to-retire processing technology. This synchronization takes advantage of the latest cloud computing to streamline employment practice processes as they are performed to update HRIMS, payroll, benefits, time and attendance and administrative processes in one click. Together we can help businesses to find new, controllable ways to drive revenues and profitability.  On that note, many companies today do not realize that they can significantly reduce the cost of one of their greatest expenses of managing employees and labor costs, thus increasing company profitability.”  – Susie Kendall, President/CEO of MyPaperLessOffice© About MPAY Inc. MPAY Inc. is a payroll software and services corporation headquartered in Waltham, MA, with branch offices in North Carolina, Virginia, and Illinois. MPAY Inc. combines superior technology with simplicity, allowing their clients to get the most out of their workday. The combination of superior service and products provide all the functionality of the most expensive in-house payroll systems, while still providing an outsourced payroll solution. Our products provide supervisors and employees with convenient and secure access to payroll information. payentry.com™ is a web-based payroll and human resources management interface that makes payroll and human resources as easy as 1-2-3. The employee self service (ESS) page allows easy and convenient navigation capabilities. The ESS functionality also allows the user to customize his/her homepage to meet their preferences. The best features of payentry.com™ is that it is available anytime, anywhere and uses a secure 128 bit SSL encryption with no additional software requirements. Currently, there are over 15,000 employers using payentry.com™ and over 450,000 employees getting paid by the system. To learn more about MPAY’s products and services, please contact by email at: sales@mpay.com or phone at: 781-810-9010. About MyPaperLessOffice© MyPaperLessOffice© is a leading human resources technology/payroll integration developer established to assist companies with their HR and payroll processes by providing integrated business administrative solutions. These solutions are designed to help customers efficiently manage their internal processes, allowing them to focus on their core competencies. Currently, there are 1750 employers and more than 348,000 employees on the MyPaperLessOffice© system. MyPaperLessOffice’s services give clients the ability to manage human resources, payroll, time and attendance, benefits, applicant tracking, job posting, workers’ compensation, and paper processes in a fully integrated, single-entry web-based platform. To learn more about MyPaperLessOffice’s products and services, please contact by email at: sales@mypaperlessoffice.com or phone at: 888-832-8428.  
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