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2009 New England Innovation Award Winner Presents at Monthly Breakfast Series

April 29, 2011, Waltham- Paul Zintl, Chief Operating Officer of Partners in Health spoke at SBANE’s most recent Massachusetts breakfast series entitled “Providing A Preferential Option In Healthcare For The Poor-The Path for PIH”.  The organization, founded in 1987, focuses on providing quality healthcare in 49 clinics in 11 countries. Zintl likened the need for a public hospital to care for the poor in Massachusetts to the need of third world countries and the need for organizations such as Partners in Health. “Both institutions were founded to provide care for the poor, “ he said. PIH is currently building a sophisticated hospital roughly a forty-five minute drive from earthquake ravaged Port-Au-Prince. “We hope to open it in January 2012, just two years after the Haiti earthquake. It will be the largest and only intact (public) teaching hospital in Haiti”. Zintl also told that crowd that over 50% of American households donated to a Haiti relief fund in the aftermath of the devastating 2010 earthquake. “That generous response and the desperate need of the Haitian people transformed Partner’s In Health as we sought to respond in the last 18 months. We now have a budget of roughly 100 million dollars” A huge difference from Partner’s in Health’s 2 million dollar budget in 1998. PIH has changed in other ways as well; they have gone from focusing on the delivery of healthcare to helping build the commitment and most importantly, the capacity to provide access to healthcare for the poor. . In 1998, Partners in Health brought the delivery model they were using in Haiti to Boston. The PACT model, Prevention and Access to Care and Treatment, utilized community health workers to help provide better treatment for AIDS patients in communities such as Roxbury and Dorchester. They were able to improve the health of these patients by ensuring access to the treatments. “The results were good, 75% of these AIDS patients showed significant clinical improvement within 12 months” he reported. He also mentioned that the expenditures for Medicaid for these patients were lower, as a result of the drop in hospitalization. They have continued to use this model to improve the health of patients with Diabetes and Asthma. Partners In Health received an SBANE New England Innovation Award in 2009. For more information about the SBANE Breakfast Series, The New England Innovation Awards or to register for an event, visit us on the web at www.sbane.org or call 781-890-9070.  
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