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SBANE Endorses "The Vision Project"

WALTHAM- In an uncertain economy, one fact is clear: Massachusetts residents who gradate from college fare better, overall than those who never earned post-secondary degrees. Within the next years, six of every ten jobs will require at least an associate's degree. The Commonwealth will need a more highly skilled workforce- and business and industry will need local colleges and universities to scale up quickly with programs to meet their fast-changing, highly specialized workforce needs.

This brought Commission Richard Freeland, Massachusetts Higher Education, to SBANE's October Breakfast meeting to promote "The Vision Project". His mission is strong and clear: "We will produce the best-educated citizenry and workforce in the nation" and  "Massachusetts must claim national leadership in":

1.) College Participation

2.) College Completion

3.) Student Learning

4.) Workforce Alignment

5.) Elimination of Disparities


Commissioner Freeland presents The Vision Project to SBANE Members

In a December 15th  letter to the Commission, SBANE President Bob Baker endorsed the project.  "SBANE applauds your conscious, well-coordinated approach to this initiative. If the small business community can be of assistance in advancing this ambitious objective, please let us know."

To read SBANE's Letter of Endorsement in it's entirety please click here.



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