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SBANE President Meets with Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown and Members of Congress

President Bob Baker reports successful trip to the Nation’s Capital WALTHAM- The President of the Smaller Business Association of New England (SBANE), Bob Baker, met with Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown (R), Representative Ed Markey (D) and Representative Nikki Tsonga in Washington last week.

Baker had a private lunch with Senator Scott Brown and Deputy Chief of Staff Greg Casey to brief him on SBANE activities such as partnering with Raytheon IDS on matching small business suppliers and helping enterprises such as a wind turbine company which has contracts with municipalities to access capital. Brown also talked about the importance of the SBIR program. Baker will follow up with Brown’s Staff regarding the wind turbine company as well as the possibility of an appearance at a future SBANE event in the fall.

Baker said that Senator Brown’s seats on the Armed Services, Homeland Security and Small Business Committees are aligned with SBANE’s business to business connection and operating philosophy. Most notably for high tech companies, Brown is sponsoring a bill to eliminate the 3% tax on governmental contracts in the Senate.

Baker also attended a Commerce and Energy Committee Hearing in session with Congressmen Ed Markey and his technical staff while they were considering amendments and votes on energy bills in the House.

Baker later met with Congressman Markey’s Chief of Staff Mark Bayer and Committee Staffer Will Spring on leading the charge in the House this week on extending Congressional Resolution of SBIR and STTR Programs until September 30th, 2011 and also SBA programs until July 31st, 2011. Senate Bill 990 was enacted by the Senate last Thursday prior to departing Congress until after the July recess. Finally, Baker spent 45 minutes with Congresswomen Nikki Tsongas and Legislative Director Sarah Christopherson discussing defense, small business and redistricting. Legislative Director Christopherson will be in the fifth district the last week of June and will be hopefully meeting with Baker at that time. Tsongas reiterated her intentions to push forward with Senate 990 which to the SBIR, STTR bill despite objections from ranking minority member on the Small Business Committee. A vote is scheduled for this week.

Last night prior to the May 31st deadline, the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to extend the popular SBIR and STTR Program for four months until September 30th, 2011. In the House, Congressmen Markey and Tsongas took the leadership role in urging their colleagues to adopt H1082 which mirrored Senate 990. Senators Brown and Kerry also voted to support the four month extension.  

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