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SBANE President Testifies at Capitol Hill in Favor of Senate Bill 2170

SBANE President Testifies at Capitol Hill in Favor of Senate Bill 2170An Act Relative to an Affordable Health Plan Boston, MA – SBANE President Bob Baker testified at the State House on Monday, November 2nd on behalf of  the MA Association of Health Plans (MAHP) in front of Joint Committee of Health Care Financing supporters Hon. Richard T. Moore, Senate Chair and Hon. Harriett L. Stanley, House Chair, in favor of Bill 2170, an act relative to an affordable health plan and alternative to increased projected premiums. The Senate Bill 2170 will decrease health care premiums up to 22% for small businesses with 50 employees or fewer, therefore mitigating the general perspective of increased premium costs for the 2010 spring projections. Reducing the projected premiums will provide immediate and significant relief to small businesses by requiring health plans and providers to control their costs in addition to generating a substantial amount of savings for small businesses.

“We applaud SBANE for standing with us in support of Senate Bill 2170, the Affordable Health Plan,” said Dr. Marylou Buyse, President of the MA Association of Health Plans.  “SBANE has long been a strong voice for small businesses and we are proud to have their continued support as the Affordable Health Plan will provide significant premium rate relief to small businesses across the state.” SBANE President Bob Baker was the only representative from the small business trade organization community to testify at Capitol Hill on November 2nd.

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