To promote and support legislation and other governmental activities which may benefit smaller business and to oppose legislation and other governmental activities which may be detrimental to the interests of smaller business.


Structured by Committee, with a high degree of participation, Government Relations will address a range of topics effecting Smaller Business that reflect the needs of SBANE membership. The Committee will provide a voice for small business at the local, state and federal levels and to make practical information available to help stimulate business growth. 

By nature, government affairs and legislative issues are an evolving paradigm. The Government Relations Committee will interact with legislators, appointees, other SBANE committees, as well as other outside organizations to the end that the interest of the small business remain fluid and benefits are realized.

The Committee, from time-to-time, may assign members to address specific issues and perform various tasks.  These members may also be formed as a sub-committee or be an existing committee within SBANE and will work in collaboration with the Government Relations Committee to ensure continuity.


  • Paul Kierce (Co-Chair)

    ATC Technologies Wilmington, MA
  • Phil Papoojian (Co-Chair)

    Packard Hill Capital Advisors Boston, MA

Interested in being part of this committee? Contact Sarah Henry, Committee Liaison at sarah@sbane.org or by calling 781-890-9070 ext. 221.

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