Get involved with SBANE's programsLooking to grow your business? Make new connections? Take advantage of educational opportunities? Benefit from exclusive deals? There are many different ways that you can get involved in SBANE, including:

Member Directory: SBANE maintains a Member Directory to facilitate and support member interaction. The searchable listings are designed to provide members immediate information about other members, including: industry, location, points of contact, company descriptions, website links, LinkedIn and Twitter profile links, and contact information for the company and its individual employees. The Member Directory is considered an essential reference for SBANE’s community. SBANE does not make its Directory available to the general public. The Directory is updated through our Member Database.

Committees: SBANE has a diverse and active committee structure. Committee involvement is an excellent way for our members to become deeply involved with the organization and meet like-minded business owners and CEO’s. SBANE members have the opportunity to join any committee that interests them. The committee meetings are free to attend, usually held monthly and often discuss industry topics or relevant questions and issues. 

Service Providers Group: The SBANE Service Providers Group is a formal service providers networking and referral group that will provide members with excellent opportunities to meet other like-minded SBANE members during structured monthly meetings, enabling them to seek the benefit from potential mutual referrals and pointed networking.

Member Marketplace: The SBANE Member Marketplace provides a forum for members to offer their products and/or services with an incentive, available exclusively to fellow SBANE members. The Member Marketplace also has a "Needs" section for SBANE members to post job openings, products/services needed, etc.

At SBANE, we create B2B Profitable Connections. Through our website, we are able to create a central place for our members, throughout all 6 New England states, to engage with one another and develop business opportunities. The Member Marketplace is a free feature for members to provide incentive based offers on their products and/or services, encouraging B2B business within the SBANE community.