Grow your network with SBANESBANE strives to help companies grow their network through a variety of networking and educational events, as well as through our premier peer-to-peer advisory program, Senior Executive Circle and our popular Service Providers Group. 

Networking and Educational Events

We offer a wide variety of educational and networking events throughout the year. Click here to see all of our upcoming events.

Senior Executive Circle

SBANE presents a targeted forum aimed at enhancing the value of a CEO, COO, CMO, CFO, president, owner or partner in their business’s decision-making processes. Tap into a vast network of other like-minded leaders in our small business community to help guide you in ways you may have not otherwise considered. Hear what some of our Senior Executive Circle members are saying...

“Senior Executive Circle provides candid, confidential, actionable, experienced based feedback on your most challenging work issues. Each seasoned peer in the group seriously yet compassionately helps to peel back the layers surrounding an issue and then offers their insights and ideas to help resolve the issue at hand. Whether you are in the spotlight or listening with everything you’ve got, the benefit of collecting other’s sage advice and tough questions for your issue or just hearing the wonderful variety of viewpoints on any number of topics is very much well worth the time invested. And if you’re not careful, you would have a really rip-roaring good time with a great bunch of people away from work and home for the small price of three hours a month.” 
– Matt Edison, President, Diamond-Roltran, LLC

“You get what you put into it. Senior Executive Circle has helped me raise the bar as a professional. My group has given me honest feedback in running my business. If I was not honest and did not take their feedback seriously, I don’t believe that I would be as successful as I am today.” 
– Ann Foley-Collins, President and Owner, Glee Gifts

“I think it is the best investment I have ever made for my business. I have received wonderful feedback as well as tremendous support from my group. The encouragement to stop and analyze what my true goals and objectives are has been extremely valuable.” 
– Sally Champlin, President, New England Braiding Company, Inc.

“Useful advice and blunt, direct comments from others with practical business experience in leading their own companies.” 
 – Bruce Brumberg, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder, Publications, Inc.

Service Provider Group

SBANE recently introduced the Service Provider Group, a formal Service Providers Networking and Referral Group. Through monthly, structured meetings, members are given the opportunity to seek the benefit from potential mutual referrals and pointed networking.

"The SBANE Service Providers Group has been a great way for me to meet other members of SBANE and form relationships that have led to new customers, business partners, and friends.  Meeting once a month allows for the development of relationships and understanding of each company’s capabilities and needs. The SPG has been one of the best ways to meet 20+ companies all at once, giving you a chance to introduce them to your company and the services you can provide.  I recommend attending at least one of these meetings as it has changed the way I introduce my company and the services we provide."
- Joe Warrino, Chief Financial Officer, Now Business Intelligence, Inc.