SBANE has no paid lobbyists, is nonpartisan, and supports no candidates, but it exercises considerable political clout through grassroots efforts at both the state and federal levels. SBANE’s volunteer board of directors, supported by reporting committees, sends legislative alerts to members, and each year members meet with their legislators in Washington, D.C. to review current issues affecting their company’s bottom lines.

Additionally, SBANE’s Washington DC-based partner, the National Small Business Association, provides around-the-clock coverage for small business initiatives. In addition to all the great benefits of being a member of SBANE, you also have full access to all NSBA benefits, including the Weekly Advocate which has all the latest updates and political analysis that has made NSBA a highly respected organization in Washington, D.C. and access to their online Action Center where you can engage with your elected officials on any number of issues—all within the click of a mouse. Additionally, you can participate in any of the monthly teleconferences for our various issue committees that drive our policy, as well as attend high-level events in Washington, D.C. where you can meet with Members of Congress and administration officials.