At the National Small Business Association (NSBA), the nation’s first small-business advocacy group celebrating more than 75 years, we are dedicated to ensuring small business a seat at the table. NSBA has been a partner organization to SBANE for many years and, through that partnership, we serve as an external government affairs shop for each SBANE member on the federal level. Just as SBANE represents your interests in New England, NSBA is here to represent your interests in Washington, D.C.

As a member of SBANE you get all the benefits of also being a member of NSBA—at no extra cost. Through our long history of being a staunchly nonpartisan organization and our affiliation with state, local and regional small business groups such as SBANE,  NSBA is highly respected not for our campaign donations, but for you—our small-business members.

We work closely with the staff and leadership of SBANE along with other small-business organizations across the country, to develop and pursue a small-business agenda that will ensure entrepreneurship and small-business ownership remain the cornerstone of what makes America the land of opportunity. NSBA keeps you updated on the key small-business issues facing Congress as well as the countless regulatory changes and proposals that come out of the federal government every year. Working alongside the outstanding staff at SBANE not only makes our job easier, it ensures the small businesses of New England are represented at every level of government.

In addition to all the great benefits of being a member of SBANE, you also have full access to all NSBA benefits, including the Weekly Advocate which has all the latest updates and political analysis that has made NSBA a highly respected organization in Washington, D.C. We also provide you with our online Action Center where you can engage with your elected officials on any number of issues—all within the click of a mouse. Additionally, you can participate in any of the monthly teleconferences for our various issue committees that drive our policy, as well as attend high-level events in Washington, D.C. where you can meet with Members of Congress and administration officials.