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There are a number of non-banking alternatives that can compliment or augment your current primary lenders and may mutually benefit your specific situation. SBANE’s President, Bob Baker, possesses a number of years of commercial banking experience and has run a high risk, quasi-public loan corporation for the Commonwealth. SBANE can diagnose your particular capital challenge and potentially customize a solution that meets your immediate needs. In the past five years, we have been successful in raising millions of dollars in subordinated debt and mezzanine financings for companies either in transition or poised to grow to the next level.

We are well versed in the capital nuances of the alphabet soup acronyms that populate the Massachusetts marketplace, both on the federal and state levels of government, as well as private sector lending. We invite you to contact various small business references that have recently benefited from our expertise.

I. Homisco – Melrose, MA
Ron Contrado – (781) 258-4053

II. Vomax – Northampton, MA
Mike Restuccia – (413) 584-0065

III. Moduform – Fitchburg, MA
Bill Weissman – (978) 345-7942

IV. ATC Technology – Wilmington, MA
Paul Kierce – (781) 939-0725

SBANE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the interests of small business. Its assistance does not constitute any material financial interest in the company through which new financing may result. Call Capital Connections at SBANE at (781) 890-9070 or email me at


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