CEO Dialog Program

SBANE CEO Dialog Program for Business Owners: A Business Owner’s Exclusive Peer Advisory Group

Peer-to-Peer Advisory Boards
Imagine being able to tap into the combined experience of ten fellow business owners each month. How helpful would it be to get unfiltered opinions from peers who are not afraid to tell you the truth or to disagree with you?

SBANE gives you just that opportunity with our exclusive Dialog program. Smaller companies typically lack a formal process for decisionmaking, and by definition, the company is limited by the experience of
the individuals who lead it.

SBANE Dialog builds teams of ten other experienced CEOs from noncompeting businesses who have a fresh perspective to give you a much needed reality check.

A Powerful Experience
One of the most powerful experiences you will ever have is to sit in a confidential environment with a group of your peers to discuss some of the most important business issues you are facing. Is the problem a key employee or a key vendor? The need for a new marketing strategy or a way to reduce expenses? It is powerful because
ten of your peers who come to know you and your business, bring their different perspectives to the table and help you solve the problems you are wrestling with — or maybe didn’t even know you had!

How Dialog Works
SBANE Dialog gets under way in September with your first group meeting.Along with your group Captain, your group will develop a monthlymeeting schedule that will work for you and the other members of yourgroup. Each member of your SBANE Dialog group will have a chanceto host a meeting at his or her place of business or another convenientlocation.

What You Can Expect from Your Group

  • Professional insight and perspective from a CEO outsideof you industry
  • New ideas to generate profit and visibility
  • Assistance formulating strategies for your most pressing issues
  • Unbiased and unfiltered input
  • Direct, honest feedback

Group Composition
Many factors are considered in forming an SBANE Dialog group includinglocation, company size, growth objectives, industry and years in business.When you enroll in SBANE Dialog, you will receive a confirmationand a more detailed input sheet to enable us to make appropriate groupassignments. You will have this opportunity to express a preference forgroups made up of:

  • Manufacturers
  • High Growth, venture backed
  • Mixed disciplines
  • Technology
  • Family owned
  • Brand management/ Marketing
  • Service orientated
    • Legal
    • Financial
  • Business consulting / coaching


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