• Customer Testimonails

    I became a member of SBANE in 1999 to support my networking and to acquire business intellect from both leaders and peers. My activity has successfully helped me grow and succeed personally and professionally. SBANE is an opportunity where the ROI is in direct relation to the amount of commitment and support that you are willing to give it.

    Brendan King
    Principal King & Bishop
  • Customer Testimonails

    I’ve been involved with SBANE since 2007 in a variety of capacities as a Board Member, an Innovation Awards Judge and Mentor, and most recently as the Co-chair of the Young Professionals Network. SBANE continues to evolve to meet the needs of its members, and the formation of the YPN is just one example. The YPN events are opportunities for younger members of our firm to network with peers at other companies, in an environment that is relaxed but also productive. The YPN events are a great addition to the diverse offerings of SBANE, and our young professionals look forward to these events.

    Katherine (Kappy) Freund
    Director of Marketing DiCicco, Gulman & Company
  • Customer Testimonails

    I have been a member of SBANE since 1981.  Although I joined primarily for advocacy, over the thirty-six years I have been actively involved,  85% of my non-client referrals can be traced back to my involvement in SBANE.  

    The advantage of being part of the National Small Business Association (NSBA) over the years has been to provide insight for our clients on how potential legislation and regulations coming out of DC can impact the growth of their businesses.  The strength of NSBA over these years in the nonpartisan way they do federal advocacy allows SBANE to leverage their own advocacy efforts and concentrate on the state issues that are important to their members.

    Lawrence Nannis
    Consultant to Entrepreneurs
  • Customer Testimonails

    The value SBANE provides DAVIS is twofold;  great programs with valuable insight from industry leaders in the markets we serve, and the opportunity to make meaningful, productive connections.  It’s a tremendous organization with well-connected professionals that enable us to keep current in a number of areas so we can continue to be a leader in our industry.

    Mark Agostinelli
    Sales Director The DAVIS Companies
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    I joined SBANE 3 years ago and without a doubt was the best investment I have ever made. I joined the CEO Dialog Program (now called Senior Executive Circle) which allowed me to get to know 15 professionals really well and they helped me navigate all the incredible SBANE services and programs.
    SBANE has enabled me to learn about many resources available to manufacturers including matching grants, matchmaker services and how to do business with Raytheon.
    Bob Baker, SBANE’s President, is an incredible asset and passionate about helping business succeed. His lobbying connections are strong and he is an advocate for smart regulations that help business grow.
    I was happy to join the membership committee last year and am happy to help any new member or prospective member grow by connecting them with our incredible membership. I look forward to connecting with you through SBANE!

    Mark Manuel
  • Customer Testimonails

    As an SBANE member for over five years now, I have met some great folks whom I look up to and trust. Additionally, I have been able to make many profitable connections with other members during SBANE’s networking events, resulting in additional business for my company. If you are a business owner, I would highly recommend joining SBANE.

    Neal Fay
    General Manager Finish Line Staffing